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Food and health

Healthy shopping and menu planning

The planning of the weekly menus is a good idea to follow a more balanced diet.

Good planning helps us not to improvise at meals and dinners, so it is easier to eat a balanced diet.

Before making the purchase, it is important to check the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. This will ensure that you consume the food you already have at home and you will reduce food waste. For planning it is important to consider the number of meals that are going to be done, the number of people that are going to eat and the time of preparation.

Once you have everything clear, it is time to make the shopping list, this is a very useful tool to organize and identify the products and foods that are really needed, in addition,  it allows you to save time.

Characteristics of a smart food purchase:
  • Organized. Always carry your shopping list.
  • Rational. Buy only what is necessary.
  • With criteria. Make sure you read the labels on the food.
  • Safe. do your shopping in this order:
  1. Non-perishable foods
  2. Oils, vinegar, cans, rice, flour, eggs, legumes
  3. Bakery Products
  4. Refrigerated (dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish).
  5. Frozen

Don’t forget to download the grocery list that INSA has for you!

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