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Who we are

Sigma Alimentos Nutrition Institute (INSA), created in 2015, is an independent organization funded by Sigma Alimentos, to research and communicate public health issues related to food and nutrition.

Our purpose

We communicate information based on scientific evidence on a variety of topics related to nutrition and health. We share information through our website and printed material, in addition to organizing workshops, conferences and symposiums, among other activities. We have a committee of scientists and experts that sponsor our publications. We wish to contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles to help prevent and treat food and nutrition related problems.


What we want to achieve

We want to be a leading institute in terms of family diet and nutrition, an institute that families can trust, follow, and and be loyal too. We want to be independent, coherent, transparent, responsible, and committed. We want to demonstrate our interest in knowing and understanding the details of food consumption, our willingness to listen and be open to dialogue, and our desire to being a bridge between science and marketing.


We support the Nutrition Community

We analyze, discuss, and provide scientific evidence with the aim of being a relevant player in consumer and food industry related issues.


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